Today’s chefs are spoon fed with pre-cut vegetables, meats, chicken and seafood. Less and less are they required to prepare produce from its natural form. Knowledge and experience continues to diminish as labour costs increase and chefs work more. So sometimes it is important to get out of the kitchen and discover where the produce comes from, and what goes into getting it to the delivery dock.

Tawnya and Lucy of Straight To The Source have pooled their considerable knowledge of catering and produce to create regional food experiences that reinvigorate and inspire work weary chefs. A Straight To The Source tour will take you on a journey of discovery that will leave you with eyes wide open, taste buds buzzing, mouth salivating and knowledge over flowing. Their ability to build relationships with producers, growers, farmers, winemakers, chefs and regional players is phenomenal. And the result is a seamless event packed with education and enrichment. You will see produce you have never seen, processes that are amazing, people who are so fired up about their produce they beam and their eyes sparkle, all whilst enjoying some of the most passionate and sustainable practices in the industry. The opportunity to network will create lifelong industry friendships, and is but a happy by-product of such an experience.  Take it from me, if you are a serious chef looking for that next level of inspiration, you can’t afford not to go on a Straight To The Source tour.

- Paul Rifkin – Executive Chef - Camplelltown Catholic Club

This was my second time experiencing your outstanding hospitality. What generosity you offer in taking so much care and time researching such wonderful industry gifts. You are a great team and I am so appreciative of what you bring to our industry and, above all that you have decided to share your knowledge with us all. I look forward to catching up again in September on the Catch & Cook II trip and, being a part of what has to be the best regional food tour company in Australia

- Gerard Franzoni – Managing Director - Cover Catering Services

Well I won’t lie, it was a bit of a letdown to be back at work yesterday, compared to my amazing days off with Tawnya, Lucy and the crew on the Straight To The Source tour of the Grampians. However, I felt reinvigorated about all the ingredients I use in the kitchen, and I was remembering what goes into getting them to my restaurant.

I felt it important to tell you both just how impressed I was with your organisation, enthusiasm, professionalism, generosity and sheer joy at what you do. I saw a lot, learnt a lot, ate a lot, and met some wonderful people, and for that, as a busy chef and owner of a restaurant, I can not thank you enough. I will be recommending your ‘Straight To The Source’ food tours to everyone I know, and I am looking at my diary re: your trip to Eyre Peninsula later in the year.

- Nicki Reimer – Executive Chef/Owner - Union Dining

I cannot speak highly enough of, or express enough thanks to Tawnya & Lucy from Straight To The Source for organising another amazing trip, this time to the Grampians in Victoria, to see Anthony at Greenvale farm, Richard from MT Zero Olives, Bests Great Western Wines and the stellar Royal Mail Hotel. It was all fantastic!! These regional food tours are something all serious chefs, and front of house should do. Get on board and get inspired!

- Darren Templeman – Exec Chef - O Bar Dining

What an awesome trip! We had so much fun discovering some fantastic NSW produce. Thanks to Straight To The Source for organising this incredible showcase of the Southern Tablelands region. Time very well spent

- Tony Panetta – Exec Chef - ICC

I have been on many Straight To The Source industry trips, including the Catch & Cook tour to the Eyre Peninsula in 2015. The attention to detail is there.  Tawnya and Lucy thoroughly research each tour, with an eye to what their clients (those working in the hospitality industry) want, so that every stop, every meal, every masterclass is relevant and interesting. I am so impressed with Straight To The Source’s ability to consistently deliver high quality and inspirational regional food tours. Thank you and see you again!

- Martin Boetz - Chef/Owner/Farmer - Cooks Co-op

I recently engaged Tawnya’s Food Consultancy services to assist with revamping our food offering to our staff. From the moment I met Tawnya I was struck by her warmth, intelligence, professionalism and passion for the industry. As we moved to our new offices in the heart of The Rocks, Tawnya quickly proved to be an invaluable resource, from assisting with our kitchen set up, to menu development, ingredient sourcing and supplier management. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to improve on their current menu or looking to revamp their food offering and processes.

- Bonny Neville, Office Manager, AdRoll Sydney

On my trip to the Eyre Peninsula nothing was left to chance. Tawnya is not only warm, engaging and passionate about everything to do with food, but is a total perfectionist. Her attention to detail was truly impressive. As was her respect for the producers, winemakers and chefs we met. Book with her – you are in very safe hands.

- Mark Chipperfield Journalist, travel writer and editor

The market tours are a great way for us to share our story. Tawnya runs professional, and informed tours that help us showcase our produce. She understands markets, has forged strong links with stallholders and producers which adds value to the experience not only for the consumer but for the stallholders.

- Steve Adey, Darling Mills Farm

Tawnya Bahr: committed chef, champion of small producers, lover of all things artisan. Your heart and guts are in exactly the right place, Tawnya, I love your work. Deepest appreciation from this Passionate Confectioner.

- Gena Karpf