Paul Rifkin – Executive Chef – Camplelltown Catholic Club

Today’s chefs are spoon fed with pre-cut vegetables, meats, chicken and seafood. Less and less are they required to prepare produce from its natural form. Knowledge and experience continues to diminish as labour costs increase and chefs work more. So sometimes it is important to get out of the kitchen and discover where the produce comes from, and what goes into getting it to the delivery dock.

Tawnya and Lucy of Straight To The Source have pooled their considerable knowledge of catering and produce to create regional food experiences that reinvigorate and inspire work weary chefs. A Straight To The Source tour will take you on a journey of discovery that will leave you with eyes wide open, taste buds buzzing, mouth salivating and knowledge over flowing. Their ability to build relationships with producers, growers, farmers, winemakers, chefs and regional players is phenomenal. And the result is a seamless event packed with education and enrichment. You will see produce you have never seen, processes that are amazing, people who are so fired up about their produce they beam and their eyes sparkle, all whilst enjoying some of the most passionate and sustainable practices in the industry. The opportunity to network will create lifelong industry friendships, and is but a happy by-product of such an experience.  Take it from me, if you are a serious chef looking for that next level of inspiration, you can’t afford not to go on a Straight To The Source tour.